Ernie Johnson Jokingly Asks Russell Westbrook about His ‘Execution’ (Video)

Ernie Johnson

Ernie Johnson, while not considered one of the goofier hosts of Inside the NBA, can be pretty damn funny sometimes.

For instance, Russell Westbrook‘s postgame interview last week made headlines when he answered every question with “execution.” It was tough to tell if Westbrook’s answers were a frustrated stonewall, or if he was just adopting the Marshawn Lynch school of PR for an evening. Paul Pierce already had some fun with it a few days ago.

Anyway, Ernie Johnson wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity pass, so when he got Westbrook during a satellite interview following the Heat-Thunder game last night, he took his shot.

Watch the clip:

Adding to the comedy is Ernie Johnson looking sleepy as hell, and his wardrobe, which he seems to have stolen from a 1930’s newspaper reporter.

Westbrook can’t help but laugh at the question regarding his team’s execution. And neither can we. Nicely done, Ern.

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