Ovechkin Slap Shot Breaks Goal Cam. It Was Really Only a Matter of Time. (Video)

ovechkin slap shot breaks the net cam

Ovechkin slap shot breaks goal cam? Yep, that sounds about right. In fact, I’m kind of surprised this has not happened before. Alexander Ovechkin takes a lot of slap shots, and many of them wind up in the net. I would have thought he’d have broken a goal cam before now. But apparently not. Until now, the coolest footage we’ve ever seen from a goal cam involved a Chicago Blackhawks ice girl.

But back to the Ovechkin slap shot. It came on the power play with about six minutes left in the first period and Ovechkin’s Capitals already up 1-0. Washington had the puck down low in the corner, and the Oiler’s box formation left Ovie wide open on the opposite faceoff dot. The Caps made two quick passes to get the puck over to their sniper, and goaltender Viktor Fasth did a pretty terrible job getting to the other side of the goal. Hence, the Great Eight had a wide open net, and he fired a rocket right down the middle—breaking the goal came.

Here’s the complete video:

And for those of you with short attention spans, here’s the Vine:

Amazingly, despite this awful penalty kill, the Oilers actually scored two third period goals and beat the Caps in a shootout.

How about that?

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