Watch Seven Minutes of Seahawk Fan Reactions to Sunday’s Game (Video)

Seahawk fan reactions

In case you weren’t sure, Sunday’s dramatic come-from-behind win elicited a TON of Seahawk fan reactions all over the country. Thanks to the miracles of smartphones and social media, we’re now able to see some of the best Seahawk fan reactions in this very thorough seven-minute compilation.

And in case you enjoy the misery of others more than the joy of others, a few Packer reactions were sprinkled in here just to represent the duality of man, or somesuch nonsense.

I think the biggest takeaway from this video is that football fans can be veryveryvery loud when things go their way, and veryveryvery quiet when they don’t. Maybe it’s all the early drinking.

Take a look and see if you agree:

In case you want to cut to the most interesting part of the video, I would have to say it’s at 3:20 in which a dude just screams profanity at someone I presume is his friend. That cuts right to the core of the psychology of football fans.


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