Get to Know Your Super Bowl Party Stereotypes (Video)

Super Bowl party stereotypes

You’re probably already familiar with the Super Bowl party stereotypes, even if you don’t realize it.  Maybe you don’t want to acknowledge them because you’re afraid of what camp you’ll fall in. In case you have a hard time recognizing the groups, of just fail in the realm of self-assessment, Dude Perfect has you covered. They put together a video outlining the Super Bowl party stereotypes you’re most likely to come across on Sunday, February 1st.

Take a look at the video. Any of these look familiar?

Of course there are a couple of big errors that this video makes. First of all, no one really watches the Super Bowl. Okay, so maybe about 2% of the population does. That 2% comprises people who have bet on the game and honest-to-goodness fans of the two teams playing. But other than that, people are flirting, drinking, eating crappy food, and discussing commercials.

Also, you’re going to use a Super Bowl party of all dudes as an example? Okay. Kinda weird, but whatever.

I’ll be honest: At around the 2:30 mark when this video features some dude singing Katy Perry and dancing, it becomes pretty clear that this is more some guy’s opportunity to make as many jokes as possible as it is anything resembling a guide, humorous or otherwise, to Super Bowl parties.

Here’s a helpful hint: If your Super Bowl party resembles this one in any way…RUN.

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