Ukranian Soccer Player Takes a Phone Call During a Game (Video)

Ukranian soccer player

A Ukranian soccer player showed just how seriously he takes his career in this clip of an exhibition match between FC Enerhiya and FC Olimpik (the player’s team). Olimpik was up 2-1, winding down the clock when the Ukranian soccer playerOleh Makarov, pulled a cell phone out of his shorts and made a call. 

I mean, I can understand if someone calls you, but for a player to make a call? Somehow, I find that to be much, much worse.

“Hang on a second, guys. I have to dispute some PPV charges on my DirecTV bill.”

Olimpik held on to win, so I guess there was no harm done, other than this Ukranian soccer player looking like a tool desperate for attention. Also, if it WAS attention he was seeking, he may have come up short, considering there was no one in the crowd.

Take a look:

Maybe he’s calling his guidance counselor and asking for another career.

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