Australian Open Ballboy Gets Racked in the Junk by 121 MPH Serve (Video)

Australian Open Ballboy

If being an Australian Open ballboy didn’t come with hazard pay before, the gang might unionize and demand it now. One of their ranks became famous for the absolute worst possible reason as an Australian Open ballboy took a 121-MPH serve straight to the junk. If I was a lesser journalist, I would make a “ball” pun. But I’m not such a man.

The offending server was Feliciano Lopez, who now has been served a karmic debt that ensure his testicles will be flat as pancakes by year’s end.

Lopez is currently ranked twelfth in the tourney, which is a shame, because if my balls are going to be smashed, it better be by either Murray, Nadal or Federer. Sharapova would be acceptable too, as I think my grunt would be louder than┬áher’s following her serve.


The ballboy returned to the court minutes later, to his credit. I don’t know why the hell that kid would want to go back out there, but I guess he’s just a pro. Way to go, kid.

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