Deflategate and 9 Other Cases of NFL Cheaters Caught Red-Handed

nfl cheaters deflategate

Right now “deflategate” is all anyone is talking about ahead of Super Bowl XLIX. And it’s pretty understandable. The problem is not that Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots actually beat the Colts in the AFC Championship Game because they let a little air out of their balls. Nobody in their right mind thinks that—not even Colts players. The problem is that this is a pattern for the Patriots. They are some of the biggest NFL cheaters we’ve ever seen. Their arrogance and systematic disregard for rules is maddening.

Still, the Patriots are hardly the first NFL cheaters. They might be the most famous and most notorious, but they’re not alone. So today, let’s take a look at some of the other cheating scandals the NFL has endured over the years.

First up? The New York Jets…