Kevin Durant Posterized Marcin Gortat with an OT Dunk Last Night (Video)

Kevin Durant posterized Marcin Gortat

Right when it felt like the stakes for the Wizards-Thunder game couldn’t get much higher, Kevin Durant posterized Marcin Gortat in the paint with a monster dunk in OT.

While the game was close enough through regulation and overtime that no one thing can be attributed to a victory, that just means that almost everything can be attributed to a victory, including the moment when Kevin Durant posterized Marcin Gortat with 2:45 left in OT to tie the game up.

The Thunder were able to hang tight for the victory over the Wizards, so OKC fans were delighted in not just the play, but its result.

Take a look at the video and watch the Durantula throw down:

If anyone’s looking for Gortat, he’s resting peacefully in the intensive care unit after suffering third-degree sick burns.

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