Internet Freaks Over First Kyle Korver Dunk in Two Years (Video + Pics)

kyle korver dunk

How can you tell the Atlanta Hawks are now a legit NBA contender? Well, you could look at the standings, yes. But you could also look at the fact that, last night, the internet went nuts over a Kyle Korver dunk. The Hawks haven’t seen this level of team awareness in basketball literati since…well, probably ever.

Don’t get me wrong, a Kyle Korver dunk is nothing at which to sneeze. The 33-year-old Hawks shooting guard is having the best season of his career playing in a system that maximizes his abilities. He leads the league with 130 three-pointers and a .535 shooting percentage beyond the arc, which is nuts. But Kyle Korver does not dunk. He dunked zero times in 2011-12, one time in 2012-13, zero times in 2013-14 and, until last night, zero times in 2014-15.

But last night Kyle Korver got a breakaway, and he was like, f**k it, I’m 6’8″, I’m gonna slam dunk this motherf**ker. So he did. It was his first time since November 16, 2012. And because the internet is actually following the Hawks, it noticed.

Here is the dunk, which is about as bland as they come:

And here is some of the reaction on the Twitters:

And this one really sums it up best:

Congratulations, Kyle. Now, back to shooting threes.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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