Muay Thai Knockout by Spin Kick Leaves Fighter Drooling and Limp (Video)

Muay Thai knockout

This Muay Thai knockout, like most others, seems more violent and dangerous than boxing or MMA knockouts. Probably because it involves a kick, and probably because that kick happens so very fast. And as disturbing as the actual blow is, the way the guy on the receiving end falls is that much more disturbing. It’s in the style of Kill Bill. The unfortunate fighter gets hit, goes limp, drools, goes limper, remains standing, leans forward, and falls over in installments.

If ever there was a case of “The lights are on, but nobody’s home,” it would be this fighter remaining standing long after this Muay Thai knockout. It’s almost creepy. Watch the video and see if you agree:

I just realized we don’t actually see the other fighter move after he’s knocked out. Yikes. I hope he’s not dead!