Seagull Gets Drilled by Cricket Ball, Then Returns in Majestic Form (Video)


While many consider a seagull to be akin to a winged rat, this one at the Big Bash League cricket tourney in Australia took a licking and kept on cluckin’. It makes me wish I knew a little bit more about cricket so I could give some context, but instead, I just have to explain it like a toddler.

In a match between the Perch Scorchers and the Melbourne Stars, a Scorchers batsman took a cut and ended up drilling a ball into a damn seagull. The bird was a little dazed and hobbled around for a bit, but eventually made it up and about. Not having learned its lesson, it got right back into the action and was almost hurt again.

Take a look at the video:

Aside from the bird rising from the dead, there’s not a lot here I can shed light on, other than “cricket seems to move quite slowly.” But I think most of us knew that.

May that seagull continue to soar majestically, and may the rest of its days be free of Alka-Seltzer and six-pack rings.

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