Tom Brady DeflateGate Press Conference: ‘I Didn’t Alter Balls’ (Video)

Here’s Brady’s denial:

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Bill Belichick spoke earlier in the day and the Tom Brady DeflateGate press conference just wrapped up moments ago.  Here’s what we know: Bill Belichick has never talked to anyone about air pressure in a football and Tom Brady has not altered any balls.

Much like his coach did earlier, Brady took the “deny, deny, deny” route.  Should we believe him?  Probably not, but I’m not going to overreact about this.  I mean, we’re talking about deflated footballs, man. The Super Bowl is 10 days from now.  It features a highly-anticipated match-up between the two best teams in football.  And we’re talking about deflated footballs.  Not the game. Deflated footballs.

The only thing that really disappoints me about today’s Tom Brady DeflateGate press conference is that the Patriots quarterback didn’t take the “Allen Iverson practice” route, instead of “deny, deny, deny.”  It was right there for the taking.

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