9 Reasons to Kill the NFL Pro Bowl

nfl pro bowl

Coming up with 9 reasons to end the hopelessly futile NFL Pro Bowl isn’t hard. There are lots of reasons, but they all lean on each other to form one BIG reason: Professional football and exhibition games don’t work well together.

I’ll get into the reasons below, but suffice it to say that dropping an exhibition game in Hawaii, and littering it with stars still doesn’t make it relevant. Relevant things don’t take place in Hawaii. That’s a rule. The NFL Pro Bowl has run its course. Long ago, it may have carried more weight. People may have enjoyed the spectacle more. Less risk of injury may have allowed the game to be played more purely. I’m not sure, because that sure as hell was never the case in my lifetime.

The NFL Pro Bowl is nothing but self-congratulatory. There’s no excitement, no carrot to dangle in front of fans who have just spent the last six months living and breathing the sport. The Hawaiian backdrop makes it feel more like an incentive trip for a company’s top salesman (which the players kind of are) rather than any sort of athletic competition. We already know who the best are. Let’s just give them a nod and move on to the NBA until August, ok?

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