Bill Belichick Gets Reimagined as WWE Bad Guy Razor Ramon (Video)

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Is Bill Belichick THAT bad a guy? Most of the believers in Deflategate would say yes, and would liken him to a villain. Which villain? Why, comically over-the-top WWE heel Razor Ramon, of course. Who did you have in mind?

Someone who took a two-hour photoshop seminar was able to cobble together Bill Belichick‘s face on Razor Ramon’s body. It’s not super-funny (ok, it kind of is), but it does make me wish that Belichick walked that way more often. One thing we can all agree on is that a hoodie is the right look for coach, and we probably don’t need to see his arms or chest under a sequined vest, a la Razor Ramon.

I could also see Rob Gronkowski just doing this in his spare time with no incentive needed.

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