Blake Griffin and a Trainer Show Special Relationship in Nets Blowout (Video)

Blake Griffin and a trainer

When things were going well last night in the Clippers blowout of Brooklyn, Blake Griffin and a trainer seemed to have some fun with it. Well, Blake Griffin seemed to be having some fun. The trainer was on the verge of getting mouth-raped by a 6’9″ man on national television. That’s not my idea of a great time. Your mileage may vary.

In a video that’s already gone viral, and I’m sure has done wonders for the training staff’s reputation in the eyes of fans, Blake Griffin was getting treated by a Clippers training staff member when he pulled the trainers head into his lap, pretending to pursue oral sex with the guy. It was pretty funny, made only funnier by the fact that a bazillion people were watching. Blake Griffin and a trainer better get a room.

I guess when you’re up 42 at the start of the fourth quarter, these things can be playfully dismissed. A 76er would go to jail for 20 years if he did that this season, though.

Blake Griffin and the trainer seem to have a special bond.

Bonus points for the announcer’s “No, don’t do that. Don’t do that.” GOLD.

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