Rangers Goalie Prospect Scores Embarrassing Hockey Own-Goal (GIF)

rangers goalie prospect scored embarrassing hockey own-goal

Relative to soccer, hockey own-goals are rare. Pucks go in the net off defensive players all the time as the result of deflections. But real hockey own-goals, where a guy actively directs the puck in his own net? You only see those a couple times a year.

This is one of those times. On Thursday night, Rangers prospect Brandon Halverson, a goalie for the OHL’s Soo Greyhounds, scored an absolutely brutal own-goal. Halverson had the puck behind his own net with a teammate in the corner to his right. However, one of the other team’s forecheckers came in quickly, so Halverson skated around to the front of the net and tried to pass the puck around the goal, back to his teammate in the corner.

Unfortunately, he hooked it into his own net.

hockey own-goal

Yep, that sucks. Fortunately, the Soo Greyhounds were up 4-2 at the time of Halverson’s own-goal, and they managed to go the final six minutes of the game without giving up another.

Afterward, the Greyhounds goalie was a good sport and kept things in perspective. He even made a few jokes at his own expense on Twitter:

He may have misplayed the puck, but he played Twitter perfectly.

Hat Tip – [ProHockeyTalk]

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