Richard Sherman and a Llama Make Fun Of Tom Brady’s Uggs in This Ad (Video)

Richard Sherman and a llama

I don’t know what Neff SportsĀ is, but I’m going to write about their ad anyway, because they teamed up Richard Sherman and a llama to make fun of Tom Brady‘s profane mouth and funny choice of footwear. To be honest, I had to Google the animal in this ad and make sure I got it right. At first I thought it was a goat. Then I was POSITIVE it was an alpaca. Nope. Llama. Oh well.

Anyway, this llama’s got a big mouth, constantly interrupting Richard Sherman to poke fun at the rival Patriots QB. Richard Sherman and a llama is perhaps the most random pairing I could think of, but I guess random is in, as these commercials try to outdo each other in the weirdness category. Watch the ad below:

I’m happy to report that I STILL don’t know what Neff Headwear or Neff Sports is. But since they made this weird ad, I’ll toss them a couple mentions. Maybe that will help them and their brand recognition.

I guess here, it merits mentioning that Brady has done his own batsh*t crazy ad.

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