Ronaldo Disguised Himself as Homeless Man to Surprise Fan (Video)

Ronaldo disguised himself

After winning his 3rd Ballon d’Or as the best soccer player in the world, Ronaldo disguised himself to surprise a young Real Madrid fan in the city of Madrid. Ronaldo got decked out in a fake mustache and a wig to help sell the effect, though I’m pretty sure that even with fake hair, a bunch of dirt, and tattered clothes, Ronaldo still looks like Ronaldo. I mean, the guy’s gotta smell amazing, right? He definitely doesn’t smell like a homeless person, no matter how much Ronaldo disguised himself.

Here’s the video of a not-very-convincing Ronaldo with the big reveal to some little kid who probably spotted his favorite player a mile away:

Well all right, then. There you have it. Ronaldo doing his thing. Somewhere, to balance out the karma, there’s a homeless man dressing up as Ronaldo, and he’s probably equally convincing.

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