Don’t Ask Questions, Just Enjoy This Pic of The Rock Wrangling a Gator

The Rock Wrangling a gator

Nope. I don’t know what’s going on here, either. But that’s not going to stop me from enjoying this pic of The Rock wrangling a gator. Is he doing it for fun? Does he need the money? Is it something…sexual? Don’t know. Don’t care. Big muscle-y guy in a tank top tossing a gator into some mud is about as serious as my day’s gonna get.

The Rock wrangling a gator is probably not too far outside of his wheelhouse. I mean, the dude is from Florida and was a professional wrestler. So while we can’t watch a video, we can assume that everything went well and The Rock is now driving a dune buggy in South Beach or something.

Here’s the Instagram. Soak up the funny hashtags:

Took me and my buddies bout 15min to get this stubborn sumbitch out of the water. Tough one but he settled his ass down once I jumped on him. #IDontMindGettinBitByAGator #JustDontBiteMyFace #IAlreadyExfoliated #UsFloridaBoys #HaveADifferentWayOfHavinFun

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Ahh, the “JustDontBiteMyFace” hashtag. The hallmark of sex offenders and dog groomers everywhere.

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