Another Bill Belichick DeflateGate Press Conference? Yup! (Videos)

Bill Belichick deflategate press conference

For those who enjoyed the first Bill Belichick DeflateGate press conference on Thursday, you’re in luck because we were treated to an unexpected sequel on Saturday and it was just as impressive.

Did we find out any new information regarding exactly how 11 of the Patriots’ 12 balls became under-inflated by 2 psi per ball?  No really.  But we did get some great sound bytes.

Here’s the best one of all:

That’s a lot of ball-handling in one week, Bill.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, there was also a My Cousin Vinny reference:

Unfortunately, Belichick made it clear that this was the last time he’ll be discussing this matter.  He’s on to Super Bowl XLIX, and the Seattle Seahawks.

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