Bill Nye Weighed in on DeflateGate for a Scientific Take on the Issue (Video)

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In case you think the media is just covering the sensational aspects of underinflated ballsĀ here’s a video as Bill Nye weighed in on DeflateGate to hit us with some truth. What, exactly, would the advantage be if you took the air out of some footballs? While Bill Nye weighed in on DeflateGate for a technical approach, he didn’t explain how the deflategate issue is REALLY important. That’s something we decided on our own and don’t need no scientist spouting their mumbo-jumbo about.

Okay. Just one thought. Bill Nye looks VERY comfortable holding that football. Does he have huge hands? Draft guys LOVE huge hands. I am going to be the first one to posit that Bill Nye’s REAL motive here is to get his “brand” out there for consideration in the 2015 draft. I mean, you like his character more than Jameis Winston, don’t you?

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