SNL Mocked the Patriots, Brady, Belichick with DeflateGate Spoof (Video)

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In case you haven’t been hit over the head enough with the matter, SNL┬ámocked the Patriots with a skit sending up the whole ball/air pressure affair of DeflateGate. If you are just completely over the “scandal,” that’s fine, just watch the video for visual proof that Kenan Thompson is STILL on the show. Isn’t he like 60 now? He feels 60.

Anyway, while SNL mocked the Patriots with this skit, the impersonations are the star here. Even if they’re not accurate, they’re still pretty damn funny. Did you know that Bill Belichick talks like Billy Bob Thornton from Sling Blade? He does. And don’t doubt it. These are finally-tuned comedic professionals, and they would never play up a characteristic or embellish a trait just for a laugh.


That’s some good satire. Now let’s continue to beat this dead horse until we decide that Richard Sherman has said something provocative.

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