15 Most Ridiculous Sports Excuses of All Time

bill belichick deflategate press conference sports excuses

On Saturday, just one day after saying he had no idea how the their balls got deflated, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick called another deflategate press conference and issued one of the great sports excuses of all time. Apparently he and his team of scientists conducted their own experiments and found that, in addition to environmental factors, the rubbing of the balls causes them to lose air pressure.

The problem? As Bill Nye the Real Science Guy explained, it was all hogwash. If five 300-pound guys lying on top of a football doesn’t cause it to deflate, some equipment guy giving it a massage in the locker room won’t either.

Nevertheless, Belichick’s press conference was awesomely surreal, and his theory will go down as one of the most famous sports excuses of all time.

Don’t believe it? Check out this list of other ridiculous sports excuses. I think you’ll see Belichick’s “rubbed ball” theory fits right in.