Golden Tate Pro Bowl Catch Stops Richard Sherman Mid-Interview (Video)

Golden Tate Pro Bowl catch

A Golden Tate Pro Bowl catch for some serious yardage stopped Richard Sherman in his tracks during a sideline interview at last night’s game. So if you’re wondering, like I am, who exactly watches the Pro Bowl, Richard Sherman does. And Earl Thomas did, too. Why were they so excited about the catch? Probably because Tate is a former teammate of both. Also because the interview was shaping up to be REALLY boring, asking Richard Sherman about how he’s SO CONTROVERSIAL.

When your interview is less interesting than the Pro Bowl, it’s time to work on your interview skills.

Take a look:

I’m sure that the Golden Tate Pro Bowl catch was a highlight of the game, but that’s just conjecture, because we had better things to do than watch the long-past-its-prime event.

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