Controversial #GoodellMustGo Ad to Run on Sports Illustrated Website Ahead of Super Bowl XLIX (Video)

controversial #goodellmustgo ad to run on sports illustrated before super bowl

If you thought people had forgotten about the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal just because the New England Patriots deflated a couple of balls during the AFC Championship Game, think again. On Thursday, just three days before Super Bowl XLIX, an anti-sexism advocacy group called UltraViolet will run an ad on Sports Illustrated’s website called #goodellmustgo.

In case you couldn’t decipher that cryptic hashtage, UltraViolent is calling for Roger Goodell to be fired in light of his miserable track record on the issue of domestic violence. The ad on will feature a banner at the top that cites embarrassing NFL domestic violence statistics—55 unpunished offenders—as well as a video in which a very large football player tackles an unsuspecting woman.

Take a look:

Interestingly, Sports Illustrated initially rejected the five-figure ad campaign. According to spokesperson Scott Novak, a “minor technical glitch” led them to believe that the campaign consisted solely of the banner ad, and the magazine’s editors felt readers might mistake it for their official editorial stance. However, after they learned that a flash video would accompany the banner—thanks to what UltraViolet called a little “public scrutiny”—SI reconsidered. So the ad is now scheduled to run on Thursday, January 29.

What are the odds SI sees a spike in traffic that day?

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