The NFL Was Selling Photos of the Marshawn Lynch Crotch Grab on Its Website for $149.95 (Pics)

marshawn lynch crotch grab

Whoever is in charge of designing and approving the official NFL memorabilia for sale on the official NFL website obviously did not get the memo with regard to that Marshawn Lynch crotch grab from the NFC Championship Game.

On Sunday afternoon, ESPN NFL reporter Mike Sando just happened to be scrolling through, browsing all the officially licensed apparel and collectibles, when he came across a photo montage commemorating the Seattle Seahawks’ 2014 NFC Championship for $149.95. At first it seemed like the most interesting feature of this collectible item was the fact that it contained a piece of an NFC Championship game ball.

marshawn lynch crotch grab photo for sale on nfl website

However, upon closer inspection, what’s that there in the lower left hand corner?

marshawn lynch crotch grab photo for sale on nfl website 2

Yep, it’s a photo of the Marshawn Lynch crotch grab celebration. The same Marshawn Lynch crotch grab celebration that earned the Seattle running back a $20,000 fine.

If it seems screwy that the NFL would be making money off a photo of a play that they publicly admonished, that’s because it is. League policy actually dictates that any play that results in a fine cannot be used commercially. They came up with the policy the hard way back in 2010, after taking heat for selling photos of a James Harrison hit that resulted in a $75,000 fine.

Obviously, the photo has now been replaced with another photo of Lynch.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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