The Oneida Tribe Releases #ChangetheMascot Anti-Redskins Ad (Video)

changethemascot anti redskins ad

Today, in case you didn’t know, is NFL Festivus. With the countdown to Super Bowl XLIX officially on, if you have any grievances you want to air out, now is the time.

On that note, we’ve already seen one ad calling for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to step down in light of his poor track record handling domestic abuse. Now we have one calling for the Washington R******s to change their name.

The anti-R******s ad comes to us from The Oneida Tribe of upstate New York, and its message is pretty poignant. Take a look for yourself before I ruin your first impression by analyzing it:

The point, obviously, is that changing the mascot of the Washington NFL franchise won’t change anybody’s enjoyment of football. And the ad really tries to help fans envision what it would be like if the team did #changethemascot. Take away the name and the Native American face from the logo, and it doesn’t make, say, a Robert Griffin III touchdown run any less thrilling.

Personally, I think they make a good case. But every time I state my opinion on the issue, deferring to the feelings of actual Native Americans rather than the feelings of tradition-loving Washington fans, I get called all sorts of names in the comments. So it’s possible I really am a f*****g r****d and a f****t.

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