NFL Zeros In On Patriots Locker Room Attendant in DefalteGate Investigation

Patriots locker room attendant deflategate

Super Bowl Week is officially underway, as both teams make their way to Arizona for six days of festivities before Sunday’s big game.  The Seahawks have already landed in Arizona, while the Patriots are expected to make their arrival any moment now.

When the Pats do touch down in Glendale, they’ll be welcomed by a media sh*tstorm that has intensified with news that the NFL is now looking into a Patriots locker room attendant for his possible involvement in DeflateGate.

According to Fox Sports, the NFL’s investigation into DeflateGate led them to the Patriots locker room attendant after footage was uncovered of the attendant taking the balls from the official’s locker room into another room in Gillette Stadium, before bring them out onto the field.

What he did with those balls in that room, who told him to take them in there, and who knew about it remains unclear.  But as soon as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady tell us they knew nothing about it, we’ll let you know.

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