Tom Brady Super Bowl Video Comes Straight Out Of ‘Friday Night Lights’

Tom Brady Super Bowl video

Today, a Tom Brady Super Bowl video is making the rounds since he posted it on Facebook. If the whole thing seems a little “familiar,” that’s probably because you’ve seen Friday Night Lights. The voiceover is Billy Bob Thornton, who played the coach in the film adaptation. The music, while not Explosions in the Sky, is that melodramatic soundtrack that would make you feel like Jessie Owens if you were running for the bus.

There are a lot of inspiring reasons why Tom Brady would post this Super Bowl video, but there’s one reason that’s far more practical than the rest: Every time someone writes about this video, that’s one less article on the stupid deflated balls that seem to be all that anyone can talk about these days.

Here’s the video. He hopes it distracts you:


Sorry, Tom. Didn’t work. Still thinking of deflated balls. Maybe if you made an inspirational cartoon…

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