Deflategate and 10 Other Things That Probably Hurt Tom Brady’s Feelings

deflategate tom brady's feelings

Did you hear? Tom Brady’s feelings were hurt by this whole “deflategate” scandal and the suggestion that he might have cheated.

I personalized a lot of things,” he said in an interview Monday, “and my feelings got hurt.”

I know, I know. This is all very upsetting. But do try to keep in mind, Tom Brady has earned $150,000,000 so far in his career. He’s got three Super Bowl rings and will get into the Hall of Fame on his first ballot. Plus he’s ridiculously good-looking and married to a supermodel. In the end, Tom Brady is going to be just fine. You don’t need to worry about him.

Besides, Tom Brady’s feelings get hurt all the time. He’s just a sensitive guy who’s in touch with his emotions. I’ve heard he cries himself to sleep almost every night when the Patriots are on the road and he’s away from his boo, Gisele. If anything, the guy needs to toughen up a bit.

That’s why I’m doing this list of 10 other things that probably hurt Tom Brady’s feelings—to harden him against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Well that, and I just like making fun of people who are more successful than me.

Take a look.

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