Geico Rolls Out Another Ickey Woods Commercial for the Super Bowl (Video)

Ickey Woods commercial

In case you were all worried that you were fated to only get one kitschy Ickey Woods commercial, you can breathe again because Geico has you covered. After last year’s Ickey Shuffle video, we are now treated to a faux cooking show in the latest Ickey Woods commercial, slated to run at the Super Bowl, but clearly making the viral rounds a week or so early.

The video is called “What’s Cooking? With Ickey,” and if you need the premise of it explained to you, you probably aren’t going to enjoy it very much.

Take a look at this:

If you have no idea who Ickey Woods is, that’s understandable. He was a Bengals running back in the late-80’s who had a trademark touchdown dance called the Ickey Shuffle. He was above-average, but didn’t leave much of a legacy, besides the dance.

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