Kid Pulls Loose Tooth with Hockey Slap Shot #BossParenting (Video)

Kid Pulls Loose Tooth with Hockey Slap Shot #Boss #Parenting (Video)

When I first read the words “kid pulls loose tooth with hockey slap shot,” I thought, yeah, that had to be dad’s idea. Mom must have been out of town.

However, upon watching the actual video, I was surprised to learn that mom was actually 100% on board with the endeavor. She’s right there with little Alex and his dad as they loop a long piece of dental floss around his left central incisor and tie it to a hockey puck. Then, as little Alex winds up to take his first shot, mom is front and center holding one of the cameras.

Of course, when the first shot gets delayed because Alex keeps tugging the puck out of place with his face, a look of concern comes over mom’s face. Then, all of a sudden, it’s dad behind the camera and you don’t hear a peep from mom when the actual slap shot yanks the loose tooth out of its socket—because she’s probably upstairs with her hands over her ears.

Still, that’s a pretty cool mom for letting this happen. This is, without a doubt, the most epic way to remove a loose tooth. Take a look:

That’s probably the first time in hockey history somebody wanted a slap shot to take out one of their teeth.

Well done, Alex. You’ve a boss.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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