Louis CK Has a Pretty Awesome Take on Deflategate: It’s Great! (Video)

louis ck deflategate letterman

All this deflategate nonsense has absolutely dominated sports news for the last week, and I personally have found it all pretty entertaining. Grown men obsessing over under-inflated balls? While ISIS is beheading people and America remains divided along socio-economic lines? It’s just so absurd.

Comedian Louis CK shares a similar opinion. The Boston native stopped by the Late Show for a chat with David Letterman on Monday. Dave being a big Indianapolis Colts fan, he had to ask the Patriots fan sitting across from him about deflategate. And sure enough, Louis CK made a very entertaining case for “Who cares? It’s fun!”

Take a look:

When you put it that way, yeah, it is kind of silly to be angry about the air pressure of footballs. Teams have “cheated” in just about every conceivable way for…well, forever. Receivers use stickum, linemen grease up with vaseline, and guys gauge and grab each other in all sorts of inappropriate ways. If you want a gentleman’s game, try cricket.

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