Marshawn Lynch Skittles Press Conference Proves Marshawn Lynch CAN Speak in Multi-Word Sentences (Video)

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Marshawn Lynch likes skittles, and he likes grabbing his crotch after Seahawks touchdowns. What Marshawn Lynch does not like is talking to members of the media.

Of course, the NFL insists he talk to members of the media anyway, and they made their position clear by fining him $100,000 earlier this season. So Marshawn Lynch capitulated…and started doing interviews where he gave the same one-word answer to every question. Then, when that routine got old, he moved on to two-word answers.

The thing is, though, it’s not that Marshawn Lynch doesn’t like talking. He just likes to do it on his own terms. And by “his own terms” I mean he doesn’t actually want to talk about football, and he wants to get paid for it.

Case in point: this Marshawn Lynch Skittles press conference. The guy has no problem opening up and sharing his thoughts for a candy commercial.

So take this lesson to heart, sports media. If you want Marshawn Lynch to talk to you at Super Bowl media day today, wrap a bag of skittles in a $50 bill and ask him about comets or something.

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