Rob Gronkowski Sings Katy Perry During Super Bowl Media Day (Video)

Rob Gronkowski sings Katy Perry - Roar

Hallelujah!!! The New England Patriots are at Super Bowl Media Day and they aren’t just fielding questions about deflated footballs.

The hundreds of media members present at today’s Super Bowl Media Day in Arizona have come with a variety of questions for the Pats’ players and coaches that aren’t centered around DeflateGate. Some of their questions are awkward.  Others are insightful.  And then there are those that are so insane, they’re actually pretty awesome—like a question asking Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to sing a few notes from Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

One female reporter actually went there.  You can watch as Rob Gronkowski sings Katy Perry in the video below:

Here’s an idea for your work’s Super Bowl Prop Pool: Will Rob Gronkowski join Katy Perry on stage during the Halftime Show?

Hat Tip – [@jaybusbee]

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