Guy Posts His Super Bowl Credentials on Facebook, Promptly Gets Fired

guys posts super bowl credentials on facebook loses job

An Arizona man named Russ Knight, former DJ and current cab driver, was really excited that he got a gig working in the press booth as the “assistant frequency coordinator” at Super Bowl XLIX. So he posted a picture of himself wearing his Super Bowl credentials on Facebook. Like you do.

Unfortunately, that’s a huge security no-no. If you post your credential online and people can see the number, then terrorists (or perhaps just people who want to watch the game in person for free) could forge their own Super Bowl credential and get in illegally.

So not long after posting the photo, he got a call from league security.

“He said Russ, we’ve got a problem,” Knight explained to CBS 5. “Apparently, on my picture, even though it’s far away, they could zoom in and they could read my credential on the bottom.”

Then he added, “I can’t blame anybody else. I was the guy. I was the fool who didn’t read the fine print.”

Of course, I was going to make a joke about NFL security here, but there’s no point. A couple of Deadspin commenters already summed up the matter perfectly:

super bowl credentials revoked deadspin comments 2

Yep, nailed it.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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