T-Mobile Releases Their Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

Kim Kardashian Super Bowl commercial

It’s that time of year again. Being the voracious consumers that we are, we swarm upon YouTube videos of Super Bowl commercials before they actually air, causing entire marketing departments to writhe in ecstasy because we’re doing their jobs for them. A Kim Kardashian Super Bowl commercial is next on the docket for your viewing pleasure. Because EVERYONE LOVES KIM KARDASHIAN, right?  RIGHT?

It’s a spoof of one of those Sally Struthers “Save the children” ads, only what is being saved here is far less important—lost data. She also spends the commercial strolling through a hall of pictures of herself, reminding us that, yes, Kim Kardashian is pretty famous.

This Kim Kardashian Super Bowl commercial from T-Mobile is appropriately petty, considering the source of the information, but also sorta funny. Take a look:

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