UMaine Fan Sign Puts Opposing Mascot in a Compromising Position (Pic)

UMaine fan sign thumb

A homemade UMaine fan sign showed the University of New Hampshire what’s what after they depicted the UNH mascot, a wildcat, with a big dong in its mouth. Is it clever? No. Does it get the point across? You bet it does. (They’re not fans of UNH it would seem.)

The UMaine fan sign is very subtle, what with a giant penis floating above what we can only assume is a wildcat. To be fair, it’s easier to identify a penis than a wildcat, so you can’t blame the artist for making one much more recognizable than the other.

The fan sign didn’t last long, and was taken down by security at the arena, but the photo will live in our hearts forever. It sort of looks like a finger poking the mouth with the roof of the arena looking like a black sleeve.

I think if the fans posted a foul sign every game, UMaine’s fan base would start to grow exponentially.

Here’s a look at the NSFW UMaine fan sign:

UMaine fan sign

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]



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