13 Hottest Super Bowl XLIX WAGs

Super Bowl XLIX WAGs

Can we all take a break from talking about Tom Brady’s balls for a minute and focus on something that’s actually important, like the Super Bowl XLIX WAGs? There are just a few days to go before the big game, and almost nobody is talking about them.

The Patriots are sending a particularly strong WAG contingent to Phoenix, headed, as always, by Mrs. Brady. The Seahawks, meanwhile, are rolling into to Super Bowl Sunday with a significantly weakened WAG roster. Russell Wilson got a divorce in the offseason, Golden Tate left as a free agent, and Percy Harvin got traded.

That being said, the Seahawks do still have a few secret weapons that give the Pats WAGs a run for their money. I wouldn’t bet against them.

But that’s enough small talk. Let’s take a look at the Super Bowl XLIX WAGs already….


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