Budweiser Rolls Out Another Puppy Love Commercial for the Super Bowl (Video)

puppy love commercial

Budweiser, never one to shy away from spending the big bucks on Super Bowl ads, is back for a sequel to last year’s Puppy Love commercial. Because football fans like their beer cold, their dogs small, and their horses ENORMOUS.

Once again, the beer company is just playing tug-o-war with our heartstrings, knowing that our only manner of coping will be by drinking gallons of crappy American beer.  They know us all too well.

Here’s the ad. I could discuss the “plot” of this Puppy Love commercial, but it doesn’t really matter. You’ll cry regardless.

This video has everything. A dog in a rainstorm, a rancher drinking coffee, a wolf, a man hugging a horse…everything.

Thankfully, the ad doesn’t show the man clogging up everyone’s Facebook newsfeed with stories about his “miracle puppy.” That would be more like a Mike’s Hard Lemonade ad.

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