And the Madden Super Bowl Prediction for Seahawks-Patriots Is… (Video)

Madden Super Bowl Prediction XLIX Pats-Seahawks

With all the the nonsense and controversy surrounding those deflated footballs, don’t forget that the Super Bowl is an actual game between two football teams. They’re playing this Sunday, in case you were busy conducting your own air pressure experiments in the garage. While there are lots of predictions flying around, few are more interesting than the Madden Super Bowl prediction. I mean, the video game actually has the Seahawks and the Patriots play each other in a simulated game.

So who wins? Watch the clip here to learn:

Patriots 71, Seahawks 12. A shocking blowout!

Just kidding. The NFL would probably firebomb the EA headquarters if that was their prediction.

The Madden Super Bowl prediction is 28-24 in favor of the Pats. Not exactly going out on a limb there, are we fellas. The Vegas line is Pats by 1, and an over/under of 48.5.

So, uh, pick ’em. But feel free to base your betting on a video game.

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