NBA D-League Teammates Fight Each Other, Then Get Ejected (Video)

D-league teammates fight each other

In case you thought you were watching an NBA game, you will be quickly reminded otherwise when you see this video of two D-League teammates fighting each other, before being separated and ejected from the game. If you’re the type of person who demands details over these types of things, the players were Kalin Lucas and Jarnell Stokes, which sounds like two names I would make up for D-League players. The play for the Iowa Energy.

According to Deadspin, it’s not clear why they started brawling, but I’m sure there’s no end to the frustrations of D-League players in Iowa.

Here’s the video in which the D-League teammates fight each other. Stay out of the splash zone:

It’s very fitting that we get a D-League quality video to go along with the fight. Who picked that music? Man, that was terrible. That’s some D-League-level music right there. Let’s wash this taste out of our mouth with some NBA excitement.

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