This 10-Year-Old Seahawks Superfan Has a Richard Sherman Prosthetic Leg (Video)

10-year-old seahawks fan richard sherman prosthetic leg

Fourth grader Nate Semmier lives in Boise, Idaho. He could easily be a Denver Broncos fan, seeing as how they share a name and colors with the local college team. He could also be a 49ers or Raiders fan, given his geographic location. But he’s not. Nate is a Seahawks fan. And is just so happens, he is a diehard Seahawks fan with just one leg.

Nate was born seven weeks premature because of a tumor on his left leg. When he was two weeks old, doctors said they had to amputate the leg to save him. So they did.

Since he’s never known any different, Nate hasn’t really missed his leg. However, for the longest time, his parents did have a hard time getting him to wear a prosthesis. Then they came up with a great idea: get him a prosthetic leg so cool he wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without it.

That’s how the Richard Sherman prosthetic leg came to be.

Check out the video:

People love to hate Richard Sherman, and I don’t blame them. Sherman doesn’t mind playing the heel. But the reality is, Richard Sherman is a pretty cool guy. And as you can see here, he’s good to his fans.

Hat Tip – [The Sporting News]

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