Thad Young Plays with Andrew Wiggins’ Ear During Postgame Interview (Video)

Andrew Wiggins' ear

Being a rookie isn’t easy in the NBA. Even an accomplished one. Watch this video as Thad Young‘s hand slowly comes into frame to mess with Andrew Wiggins‘ ear during a postgame presser. And, of course, Andrew Wiggins has to take it until he proves that he’s a better player than Kevin Love is. Which should happen sometime in the next week or so.

Take a look at the video, and watch the crime being committed:

Ok. Whatever. Dumb locker room stuff. Although, this might have been my choice for ‘play of the year’ if he had managed to snag that earring and go back out of frame with it while the press remained silent. I mean, THAT’S hazing. As it went down, Wiggins didn’t even get a wet willie. He got a dry willie. Which is pretty much the equvalient of giving the dude a back rub.

Step up your prank game, Thad. The Timberwolves should make that a priority.

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