Arian Foster Sets Stephen A. Smith Straight During Discussion on Marshawn Lynch (Video)

The media continues to grow more and more angry as Marshawn Lynch refuses to give them the type of answers they’re looking for during his press conferences.  So why do they continue to pester the Seattle Seahawks running back in the first place?

Consider the following:

  • The dude obviously doesn’t want to talk because he feels that playing football is his job, not talking to the media. (Vaild Point.)
  • He also refuses to say much because he knows that anything he says can be misconstrued or misinterpreted to negatively portray him, as is so often the case with athletes in the media. (Also a very valid point.)
  • And finally, if there are guys in the league who love to talk—like Richard Sherman, who is often criticized by the very same media for talking too much—do we really need to hear from the players who prefer not to talk at all? (And yet another valid point!)

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster and ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith debated this topic on First Take today.  During their debate, Smith went so far as to suggest that Lynch should be fined $20K every day by the NFL, while Foster defended his fellow Pro Bowl running back and every other player who is sick of answering the same stupid questions from reporters.

You can watch Arian Foster set Stephen A. Smith straight in the video up top.

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