Local Residents Shovel Two Feet of Snow Off Boston Marathon Finish Line (Photos)

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The Boston Marathon has always been a beloved Boston institution. However, following the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, it became much more than an institution. The Boston Marathon became a symbol of the city’s resilience, and the Boston Marathon finish line became a place of pilgrimage. People now gather there to remember the lives that were lost and honor the city’s indomitable spirit

Of course, as you probalby heard, Boston was buried under two-plus feet of snow earlier this week. However, a couple of local residents weren’t going to let a little dusting like that obscure the symbolic heart of their city. So they grabbed their snow shovels and cleared the white stuff off the Boston Marathon finish line.

Take a look:

snow shovelled off boston marathon finish line 3

snow shovelled off boston marathon finish line 2

snow shovelled off boston marathon finish line 4

One of the Boston Marathon finish line shovellers has been identified as local bartender Chris Laundani. He’s the man in the middle photograph above, and it turns out he’s an avid runner who has run the Boston Marathon himself. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Adidas has offered him entry into this year’s race.

However, from the looks of the photographs that spread across social media, there was at least one other guy who helped shovel the finish line. For some reason, most news outlets are acting like that photo doesn’t exist and are just focusing on Laundani. But hopefully the other guy also gets identified so he gets his due as well.

Either way, what a cool story.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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