Every Business in America Is Trolling the Patriots Over Deflategate (Pics)

deflated patriots balloons - trolling the patriots

In the olden days, if you wanted to advertise your company, you had to hire a group of chain-smoking, hard-drinking misogynists to come up with a catchy slogan.

These days, thanks to social media, you don’t need Don Draper. You just have to piggyback on something that’s trending on social media.

That’s what practically every business in America is doing with deflategate. They are all trolling the Patriots right now with various forms of deflated balls jokes. Churches, bakeries, grocery stores, national restaurant chains, tire companies—they’re all taking advantage of our collective love of balls jokes in the leadup to Super Bowl XLIX. And frankly, it’s pretty amazing.

Here’s a sampling:

I’m sorry, Patriots fans. I know this has been a trying time for you. But I want you to know, your suffering has caused the rest of us so much joy. It has been totally worth it.

Hat Tip – [Daily Snark & FTW]

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