Dollar Beer Night Led to This Impressive Feat at an ECHL Game (Pic)

dollar beer night

Normally, when you see a sports headline with “dollar beer night” in it, you just sort of assume that there was a riot, or that someone was pummeled with a novelty bat at a sports venue. Nope. Give the fans of the ECHL, and more specifically, the Cincinnati Cyclones, more credit than that. They become sort of cerebral when you put about 100 beers in them.

Look no further than this structure that puts the engineering of the Egyptians to shame. It looks, by my crude math, like they’re at about 14 levels, and they could reach 17 if they really apply themselves. Alas, this feat wasn’t able to propel the Cyclones over their opponent, as they lost 4-2 to the Elmira Jackals.

I declare this beeramid the eighth wonder! (Of Cincinnati)

While alcohol may have been the catalyst for this humbling structure, don’t think that it’s a harmless creative fuel. I think it’s likely that alcohol contributed to both the selection of that hoodie and the haircut of the person wearing it.

Think before you drink, especially on dollar beer night.

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