Here’s How to Help Non-Sports Fans Enjoy Sports for the Super Bowl (Video)

non-sports fans

If you’re reading this web site, you’re probably a sports fan. However, we find non-sports fans in our lives all the time, and normally, it’s not a big deal. But when you’re watching sports with a non-sports fan, two immovable objects collide, and something’s gotta give. And we sure as hell don’t want it to be be the sports that compromise.

This is especially relevant this weekend as we open our homes and parties to non-sports fans who are coming over just for the spinach-artichoke dip and to watch the talking penguins in commercials. There is hope for those individuals. It’s not easy, but it’s the only answer.

Take a look at this solution from Heckbender:

Why is it that every watching scenario consists of guys crammed together WAY too close on one couch? That would never happen in real life. Most of my friends hate each other and would rather be on the floor than touching one another.

Hmm. Maybe I just have really terrible friends.


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