Patriots’ Hotel Fire Alarm Goes Off At Night…Again

Patriots' hotel fire alarm

Getting a good night’s sleep during Super Bowl Week can be difficult for the players playing in Sunday’s big game, as their nerves grow every day they get closer to taking part in Super Bowl XLIX.  Unfortunately for the Pats, they’ve had to deal with more than just nerves when trying to get some shuteye this week.

Specifically, they’ve had to deal with the Patriots’ hotel fire alarm, which went off at 2am Thursday morning—the second time it has gone off in the last three nights.

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass public relations director Stephanie Sanstead says the fire alarm went off in the players’ wing of the hotel for approximately two minutes. It was a false alarm.

Has it been costing the Patriots some valuable sleep?  It probably has for some players, but not Tom Brady, who said “I must be sleeping through it. I slept great.”

You hear that, dude responsible for pulling the Patriots’ hotel fire alarm?  I know you gotta get up pretty early in the morning to throw Tom Brady off his game, but maybe 2am in the morning is a little too early.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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